Dissonance: Entropy

Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow and make every move you take count, and if you want something, go after it as if it’s the last species you’ll ever see ever again.

Had my first experience listening to a download of Dissonance, and I am going to say it was quite a… confronting experience listening to Khaos (the host) talking about several topics, including the logical subject of Entropy and one’s Will and the predatory way that this Universe works. Listening to this, I am reminded of the relationship between the many blades of grass getting its nutrients sucked up by the trees stretching above it, with the grass being prey because it literally just sits there doing nothing. Another fascinating topic is his say on the thing I despise about others: the need of contentment and mediocrity. Anyway, I am not going to blog about this further, because then it’ll spoil the dark treasures this show hides.

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