The Origin, Evolution and Someone Wicked

I’m baaaack! Anyway, Someone Wicked has posted a very interesting post of what lead him to discover Sith Realism (it was my doing, by the way.) and how it was based on Satanism, even though some argue that it is the origin of Sith Realism. I remember reading that the reason George Lucas created the Sith and their Jedi counterparts originally not just because of needing a bunch of antagonists, but because he was:

  1. Having his characters, situations and plot influenced on the books, The Hero With a Thousand Faces and The Writer’s Journey by Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler respectively.
  2. Lucas introduced these characters/organizations as a way to awaken the audience’s interest in spirituality.

Many years later, this would all eventually culminate into the joke of lots of people putting down their Religious Beliefs as ‘Jedi’ in the years 2001 and 2006 in Australia, and would then turn into an actual religion based on Christianity, Buddhism and philosophical Stoicism, which began in Canada, which would have their counterparts, the Sith Realists appearing years later from 2008 onwards. The only huge difference is that Jedi tend to obtain power through the Selfless ‘looking outward’ and the Sith do that by being Selfish, or a better term, I think of ‘looking inward’. I chose this Path because it favors individuals and I despise having something or someone holding me down. I am once reminded of a quote:

You are selfish. So is the person next to you. We are all selfish.

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