The Third Lesson

Limits. They’re a Human thing.

  1. The Jen’jidai are those who completely reject the Light to accept the Dark in it’s totality. However, the Sith are those who embrace everything, like every emotion on the emotional spectrum, no matter how Dark to be or become the best of themselves, even if society considers it unorthodox or taboo.
  1. 1a) A Sith would do anything in his or her power to find a solution, even to go as far as to do something that worked in theory, even if it resulted in failure (eg. Essence Transfer), only to be left at Square One.A Jen’jidai however would be too afraid to do the exact same thing because of their fear and the fact that they don’t follow the teachings of the Sith. Their aim is for power and ambition for the Self, not something bigger, like conquest.
  2. To embrace the things we keep hidden, the unrealised, the things we keep in shadow, so to speak.
  3. To see the things in day-to-day life and change those into something better by introducing the new through the realised strength and Passion (or perhaps, Motivation) of the Individual as opposed to a group and that the only Limits we have are those we place on ourselves.
  4. Our dedication or ‘Passion’ can teach us about ourselves as human beings such as our want or need to change what is outside and inside ourselves and how much of the Want or Need we have to change ourselves or yet to ‘break our chains’ and give us a reason to break those chains and gain freedom in the first place.

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