Reflection IV: Drawing From Darkness

Question: What do we do when Darkness surrounds us, mentally and emotionally?

Answer: Transmute!

That’s right. Vincent Van Gogh, Dali and H.R Giger. These three artists did the very same in many points of their lives in order to cope as best as they can. Art was their aid to transmute their ‘Darknesses’ into something more instead of letting them consume them all, or until they couldn’t fight it any more.

It sounds very complicated, in fact, when it comes to art and the like, there’s thousands of the books in that topic alone that do nothing but complicate something so simple.

Usually I prefer to transform mine to writing, despite the lecturer saying my stories or scripts are quite dark compared to everyone else’s. But I’ve learned a thing from doing this as a way to embrace darkness in a way of not becoming the Slave but the Master of them once one becomes aware of them.

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