The Fifth Lesson

Embrace everything until there is nothing left.

1) Through embracing Emotion, I feel, through this feeling, I can connect to what I am passionate about in life and those I consider my friends and by connecting myself, I connect to this multi-celled organism called The World and are able to navigate and belong in it. With Improvisation, I take calculated risks and reap in their benefit in times of doubt or uncertainty. So far, I have reaped not one, but two major ones from this. Directness? Through Directness, I’m unafraid to speak my mind, do matter how dangerous and change the world and people around me with this alchemy.
2) The negatives would be that I can or could become a slave to Emotion, unless it is carefully controlled, but not suppressed either, with Improvisation, I could take too many risks or jump into danger quite blindly without considering the pros or cons of those risks I take. With Directness? Without being drunk, I could offend a million people through that approach of ‘their problem, not mine’ or make the enemy I did not wish to make.
3) See #1
4) See #2

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