Sententia I: The Steps Into Darkness and the Individual

The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Through the postings of many lessons here at Peragro Umbrae, I noticed the steps I have taken so far. Here, I have attempted to condense them for the Individual.

  1. Realising that Darkness exists around and within them to the point of it becoming an obstacle within their daily lives, hence the tangibility. For some, this the first step into questioning the Dark Side and embracing it without shame or trepidation, lest the individual be devoured by this exercise that will sort the wheat from chaff.
  2. Deciding whether or not the obstacle in question is a Darkness than can be mined or a Chain that one should free themselves from. This ‘inner debate’ or ‘separation’ can take quite a while, even years to do so. For some, this is the second step they take.
  3. Once the two are recognised, this is where the greatest step begins: How can I free myself from these Chains that were forged and mine the Darkness without and within? Or, perhaps convert the Chain into a Darkness to be mined later?From this step forward, the only limit placed once this is done, is on the Self. He or she will figure out how to kindle Passion before they can Burn with it.
  4. Now that they have sorted out differences between the two and mined the Darkness within and without, the individual comes to yet another realisation: if I can do it in the areas I am weak in, I can without doubt, do it in the Real World and Everyday Life. This is where the individual will aspire to greater heights for a want to be greater than the previous, reaping much from the actions they take and leaving the opposition and obstacles in the dust behind them, making the World and the things in it that they desire, truly theirs. This is where the initial part of the journey through the Dark Side completes itself, knowing that the Journey as a whole is not over yet.

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