The Seventh Lesson

And without further ado…

  1. Usually, these ones seem to think and fantasise about the acquiring of power and what to do with it, whether it be to destroy someone or an obstacle in their path or become something in their path to glory, as the Page or Child stage, this is where they mimic, usually to unconsciously learn about what they want to be. At this stage, the Page would have a lot of Darkness that they have not or would not have mined just yet and may have made an enemy of the world through his own thoughts and opinions of those around him or her.
  2. Now that he/she is past the previous stage, they’ll look to someone to teach them a thing or two about what it means, only to be disappointed at the fact that it is not what it’s cracked up to be most times, but, they continue to trail behind the one they think has taught them something in order to continue to learn, but in their own way.
  3. In this stage, it is about the person learning from within. However, this is where some things, more than others, go rather pear shaped as the person delves “within” and forgets that the “without” is just as important and takes it too seriously, in other words, they have sacrificed what could have been a beneficial Darkness to embrace in the first place as they go about their spiritual development and not realising this until it is too late to turn back from the mistake made unless they make an effort to do so and in turn, becomes the very dragon they wished to slay in the first place.
  4. The Prince stage in life is about building things; a family, a house or a career, in this, now realising his/her mistake in the last phase, realises that in order to move on, the transformation into something disliked or hated is a requirement to become the next stage, where they seek to undo the mistakes they made previously by making improvements on their failings and building upon them after the understanding of those mistakes and the reason(s) why they appeared in the first place. This is where the Chains forged on the Self start to groan as they are pulled away many times over as the beginnings of betterment truly begin.

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