Sententia III: the Cycle of Change (Or, How To Make A Cup Of Concrete And Chug It)

Learning how to change what we are, is the most hardest thing for us as a species, especially in a society where just to have a ‘pass’ is okay instead of aiming of an A+. I admit, my experience is this is growing too and forever will be. As people, we will never stop changing, because change is a part of life that goes all the way to the inevitability of death.

“…and try as it might, even the brightest stars die in time.”

“…only to be born again as light”.

Do not forget that natures light and dark are connected; parts of an overall whole.

When a star burns up all of its gases (dies) usually all that remains is it’s molten core. The “embers” of it’s burned gases float in the void; over thousands of millennia these “embers” gather in large enough quantities to give birth to a new star.

So light in nature is alive and active; often subject to birth, death and rebirth cycles (much like energy used by fires and light bulbs to illuminate), whereas the dark tends to be cold, still and lifeless (I.e. unable to change; only observe the changes in other phenomena – stars etc). – Smite, from Even The Brightest (by Darth Draconis)

  1. Noticing what could be better about oneself or their environment is a big step towards changing.
  2. After that realisation, an internal question is asked to prepare oneself better in the act of making Change from Theory to the more difficult Practice; how can I better myself? And in what way? In this, the person in question makes a mental list to gather the necessary energies and objects for such a task.
  3. After all the necessary plans are made, then comes the reason for betterment. The reason in itself, should be the motivator to continue, whether the betterment is to stop smoking, succeed in study, etc. The more they think of the reason to succeed and what they will get in return for strapping themselves into a long, hard, merciless slog, the better their chances for achieving their goal.
  4. Then comes the actual betterment. a.k.a the Merciless Slog. Here, their resolve will be tested, sometimes mentally, or even physically, or in rare cases both. This is where the Will decides to break or harden. Like drinking a cup of concrete. The only dream they can hold onto is the dream of having the goal made real.
  5. After the goal is realised, another question crystallises: how can I do better than last time? And thus, this cycle continues, much like life and death.

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