The Eighth Lesson

Force is any influence that causes an object to undergo a change in speed, direction, or shape.

When I think of the Force as a whole, I can’t help but think it as a part of the Universe, like the energies of Gravity, Electricity or Heat. But this type of energy is something that only exists within the deepest part of the Self that smokes, sparks and burns. Not just Passion, but another powerful thing: Will. Which was mentioned by Khaos in the first Dissonance feature, if I recall. He spoke of exerting your Will on others and the world around the person, because every day, it is a cycle of Dominance and Submission.

I have said, that without Passion, there is nothing. But now that I look at it, if there is Passion, but no Will to keep it going, then the Passion held is useless and it will burn out. Besides, what’s the use of wanting something, if you’re not interested in doing what it takes, especially if it’s a Long, Merciless Slog? So, the translation:

May the Force serve you well.

May the Force (Will) serve you well.

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