Sententia IV: The Blood of Ink (Or, The Importance of Documentation)

…the vellum of the Scroll is of Man’s Skin, and its Ink of his Heart’s Blood. – as quoted by James Wasserman, from Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary

Documenting is the thing that separates the Dedicated to the Un-dedicated. Since I’ve started this blog/journal/Potentially Holocron-Worthy Thing, I realise how important it is to document my Sith studies. Like Crowley states in his book, Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary, the importance is as follows:

  1. Keeping track of where a person is at.
  2. Being able to look back at these ‘scribblings’ like a person taking notes for the purpose of looking back at them and the gems contained within.
  3. Documenting important revelations or experiences during training.
  4. Looking back in the past. It’s useful in a way that it shows how far a person has come.
  5. The Journal/Diary/Whatever The Person Decides To Call The Documenting Device also aids in providing a sense of achievement, much like a person getting a Cert from TAFE or Uni (and possibly bragging rights if it goes that far).
  6. The jotting down of things from the student’s point of view regarding related subjects, the outcomes (or failures) of any rituals and the methods the person used at the time, plus his/her thoughts on re-attempting at a later date with different methods, to attain success.
  7. Helping others—Hm. I don’t know how big the Realists are at helping other students, but, helping others may point out the ‘correct way’ for a student to go in terms of direction in his or her learning of the Dark and give the aspiring student a thing or two to see if the method of one will work for another.
  8. Self Understanding—This is an important part (or one of many) in regards to Sith Realism. As I recall Miles and the ‘motto’ of the Forum itself, “Darkness is about the Individual.” and understanding of the Self is something that is touched upon or returned to repeatedly, particularly in the Lessons.

Another good point is that the blog itself at Peragro Umbrae acts as a secondary teacher to me in a way that it mentors me in an indirect manner about the relevant subjects. It also puts something I thrive in to good practice—putting things to paper.

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