Sententia V: A Solitary Life (Or, My Realist Path to Somewhere)

Between the world and the one inside
The truth you speak and the one you hide
Some stolen moments and a struggle within

Behind the pain and the sacrifice
Behind the mask and the grey disguise
How many angels dancing on the head of a pin?

There’s a meeting at the midnight hour
Come alive and seize your power
Giving sight to the blind
We are one of a kind
So welcome here
Tonight – as sung by Brian Faith and Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse) in Sovereign

For those curious about the path of Sith I follow. Here is something that might interest the Reader. As a Solitary, it is not a case of, What Would Darth Bane Do?

  1. Think about it; why does a person want to pursue the Light or the Dark? What ‘meanings’ does either hold? What can someone get out of it?
  2. Realise that neither Path is a cake-walk (as opposed to what Irvine said ages ago), and both have their Pros and their Cons (I am not going to say what they are, because it is a part of the Exercise here)
  3. Reading up on Everything Relevant—The Reading List and Resources at the Wiki, Googling terms like ‘Sith/Jedi Realist’, ‘Sith/Jedi Realism’, etc, Wikipedia—these are friends too and not to mention the local library, for they have old books on tons of Relevant Subjects and hitting up a Magick/Energy Work/Supernatural bookstore, if loaded with cash, but picking up what is relevant to the Study is always up and depends on the Individual.
  4. Practice, practice, study, study– Doesn’t matter if it’s Mental/Spiritual (like the Lessons and Exercises) or Physical/Social—Walking, Martial Arts, Gym, Being Around People and The World Around Us, both are important. Do not shun one ‘World’ for another.
  5. Level up!–Accept the Challenges that each Lesson and Exercise and doing the Above holds to constantly Evolve—or Stagnation will ensue, and that’s a huge no.
  6. Exceed! Exceed!–Once the above is done, rinse and repeat, but this time, do it better.
  7. Passion and Will—Very important, I say why here in my posts. I’ll leave it to the Reader to find which ones mention these  important topics/tools.
  8. The Individual–At the end of one’s day, it is important to remember that Darkness is about the Individual and there are different answer for everything to do with a Sith or Darkness tag.

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