Reflection X: Entropy = Death

When Passion starts to die, we all do too.

It’s like drawing after four years of ‘not drawing’. It’s dangerous, especially when one is very good at something or wakes up to find that the skills they once had was gone and blown to the wind.

When that happens, I tend to avoid what I was lacking passion in, only to go back slowly and painfully, to find that the skill hasn’t faded, just reconfigured into something it shouldn’t have, only to have me wrestle it into submission to get it working the way it should and power on through by ‘doing’ something regardless of what my Inner Editor says inside my head, weirdly putting in mind of what Khaos said in Dissonance about ‘putting aside something for the next day’.

Right, lesson actually learned (and feeling slightly embarrassed typing this up) Entropy is bad.

2 thoughts on “Reflection X: Entropy = Death

  1. It can be bad. But when it’s difficult to avoid or not worth the effort it would take to prevent… it can be an oppurtunity. There was one time, a few years ago, when a member of Order of the Sith set up a new site when a previous incarnation had crashed. Some time passed, things were going pretty well, then he deleted the whole site. That same night I was setting up a new forum to rebuild everything, and Atlas (another member and partner in leadership) and I had a chat… he pointed out to me that it was an oppurtunity to impliment some changes and to improve on the Order, that it wasn’t a total loss. That whole situation was pretty abrupt, but in terms of more gradual entropy, sometimes things needs to fall apart to be rebuilt, sometimes skills need to die out before being resurrected or reborn. The thing about entropy is that it isn’t safe from itself, the law of entropy might apply to a skill, a place, a community, etc., but it also applies to itself. The deterioration begins to fall apart and thing begin to take form again with a renewed vitality.

    Some thoughts I thought I’d share. Take ’em or leave ’em as you like 😉 .

  2. I’ll take ’em, since I’ve never actually seen it that way before. I know that Entropy is something that destroys or grounds things to a halt, but it’s more like a storm in the way that it comes and goes instead of something that completely goes away for good.

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