Defining Undefined

grey or gray (ɡreɪ)

— adj

1. of a neutral tone, intermediate between black and white, that has no hue and reflects and transmits only a little light

2. dismal or dark, esp from lack of light; gloomy

3. neutral or dull, esp in character or opinion

4. of or relating to people of middle age or above: grey power

5. ancient; venerable


shad·ow [shad-oh]


1. a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light.

2. shade or comparative darkness, as in an area.

3. shadows, darkness, especially that coming after sunset.

I think I’m going to get labelled a heathen (the modern definition of the word, not the old) for this, but DILLIGAF? I think so!

  • Exploration of the subconscious.
  • Perspective and/of Reality.
  • Adaptation with the understanding of the Above.
  • Balance (bringing Balance to the Force?).
  • Seeing the ‘other parts’ (opposites?) of the Self.
  • No division or duality (a common misconception).
  • Adapting to Change–and flowing with it (Flexibility).
  • Not classifying (because of the Limits it imposes) and removes the ability to see the ‘big picture’.
  • Honesty to the Self.
  • Noticing and tolerating the Difference of others.

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