Adversus I: Five Senses Exercise (Or, the Joys of Walking Alone)

This exercise slowly unfolded to me on a nice sunny day of Friday the 6th. The whole reason or meaning of this exercise will be explained bit by bit. There is a sure method in this ‘madness’.

  1. Take it slow, chances are the slowness as opposed to speed will make it more enjoyable.
  2. Focus on your steps, from your own shoe-clad feet, to the feel of the pavement, road or grass. take note of the textures and the way your feet approach the materials of the ground.
  3. As you go, breathe evenly as possible, but do not rush it and pay attention to what’s happening in the Present. Focus on breathing and walking
  4. As your breathe, your sense of smell will activate as well as the awareness of the minute changes of weather.
  5. As this continues, use your hearing to pay attention to the things happening around you and focus on sharpening and isolating every sound or noise.
  6. Use your sight to focus the origins of the scents and sounds, chances are, it’s just as interesting to see what’s happening.
  7. Use #4 to get an idea of what the scent might taste like. Often, things will taste as good (or bad) as they smell.

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