I: The Gifted Curse of the Near-Dying

Bipolar Disorder

When I was born, I was delivered with a Brain Hemorrhage, giving me a serious view of the world and with no fear of death, since it happened once already (drowning, in case you were curious). In my childhood years, I was a ‘stormy child’. According to some, my moods made me unpredictable.

It wasn’t until the age of seventeen that I was diagnosed with Depression and then Bipolar Disorder II at the age of ¬†twenty-three.

Bipolar Disorder is a gift and a curse; it allows a person to elevate to the status of a Creative God, with high energy and next to no sleep. On the downside, it made me teary, irritable on some days and preoccupied with dark thoughts, with the ‘low phases’ sometimes lasting three to six months. Add to that, my added fragile hold on reality during those times.

Progress Report: As of November 2013, I am no longer on the medication called Citalopram, which makes most people nauseous, drowsy and sometimes has spikes in appetite, which allows me to indulge now and then with the drink with friends. I have since kept a ‘mood diary’ to keep track of how I feel and think, and to better keep these feelings in check.

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