VI: …and Here, They Display Their Dismay


It all started with discussing Fear of Comedy’s new incarnation, LYTS. A band of which I lost esteem in simply because they changed to something predictable and lesser. A mating between Intrasonic and Julien-K, with too much water paling the cordial.

I said: ‘I was listening to a band that came to the Bakery. I liked the band that they were, not the shitpile that they changed to now. Fear of Comedy broke up, apparently. There were good. This new thing, LYTS, is a watered-down Julien-K.’

The Reply:  Ah. I stopped going to fear of comedy shows because they would be on the same time as the hardcore punk shows.

The Punk scene, has reawakened and revitalized, into a create of brutality and rawness. According to this one.

As usual, I retaliated,: There should be more bands like Fear of Comedy. Every band in the alt/goth scene follow the same need for costumes, personas, overdone samples, the negative lyrics and aggression and the same kind of predictable 4/4 time. Danceable, maybe, but not intelligent. You wanna hear intelligent? Go for the Cruxshadows, VNV Nation, Covenant or even Bjork.

This has always been the problem with the mainstream bands that seems to not just ‘pop up’, but propagate to those with an inkling of promise.

Him: I don’t bother with that Scene-

Me: I know, you’ve told.

Him: it’s not even a scene as far as I can see, bands that only have three shows a year are not bands, and a random selection of events strewn out over the course of months is hardly enough to create a subculture.

Me: Then, what is it?

Him. A dying fad; It isn’t even an alternative to the mainstream, it is a fashion and aesthetic cult that exists parallel to the main branch of club culture, it is being replaced by hipsters in friendly ‘alternatives’ to supposedly being like ‘everybody else’ who doesn’t look like ‘anybody else’ in a scene of clones already. Alternative is not buying into this societies ideas of what you should or shouldn’t do, like say you want music? Well instead of listening to the mainstream radio or ‘alternative’ radio, get a bunch of friends and some equipment and make some songs and if you want to put on a gig, instead of paying lot’s of money for a manager or an expensive place to play, why not just invite all your friends around and put on the gig in your basement? For free? and if you have a bunch of songs you want to release, buy a zoom recorder, record those songs and put your own art and print it to fit the CD cases then on your computer, drag the files on to a disk and hand it out to people interested. You could even print your art onto big sheets of paper and stick it all over suburbs to show it to a wide audience.

Point made.

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